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Witnessing The 16 Best Women’s Clothing Blogs

As a company specializing in affiliate marketing and digital PR services for this industry, Today’s Business has conducted extensive research and observed the evolution of fashion blogs. If you’re interested in getting involved in women’s fashion, we have compiled a list of the 16 best women’s fashion bloggers that you should follow.

  1. Travel Fashion Girl: In 2008, Alex Jimenez experienced a career change due to the economic crash. She decided to take a break from work and began traveling the world. In 2012, she started Travel Fashion Girl to document her packing struggles and create a community for like-minded women. The blog provides tips on traveling compactly and encourages readers to focus on collecting memories rather than material possessions. Alex also offers fashion advice for women who love to travel, such as her detailed article on the best leggings for travel.
  2. Poor Little Girl: After working with top fashion magazines in New York City, Cathy Peshek launched Poor Little Girl in 2010. This blog focuses on fashion advice for petite women and provides tips on how to be stylish without breaking the bank. Cathy shares affordable clothing, shoes, and accessories, proving that you don’t need to spend a fortune to find quality pieces. Poor Little Girl has been featured in popular publications like PEOPLE Magazine and Buzzfeed.
  3. Lindsay Silberman: Lindsay Silberman left her job as an editor at Town & Country in 2018 to focus on her blog and Instagram full-time. Based in New York City, Lindsay is passionate about sharing her travel experiences, beauty tips, fashion advice, and lifestyle tips with her audience. She even launched her own line of luxury candles called Hotel Lobby Candle. One of her articles details the comfiest shoes for standing all day, catering to those seeking both style and comfort.
  4. 40 Plus Style: Sylvia Vandelogt, the Founder and Editor in Chief of 40 Plus Style, is dedicated to helping women over 40 feel more confident. The blog emphasizes experimenting with fashion and finding one’s unique style while embracing age. Content includes outfit ideas for different occasions and tips on finding the best leggings for women over 40.
  5. She Began: Created in 2016, She Began focuses on engaging content that addresses women’s issues. The blog covers beauty, fashion, health, recipes, relationships, and more. With a team of professionals, She Began offers articles on the best leggings, sneakers, jeans, and slippers for women. They provide a guide with a variety of different slipper styles to help readers find the perfect pair.
  6. Shop Girl Daily: Launched by Lisa Koivu in 2009, Shop Girl Daily aims to help women find great deals. Lisa offers fashion advice and affordable finds for shoes, clothes, accessories, and more. The blog features articles on the best wedding shoes, bralettes, and even yoga pants that can be worn in the office.
  7. The Curvy Fashionista: Marie Denee created The Curvy Fashionista in 2008 as a marketing idea, but it quickly evolved into a hub for curvy and plus-size women’s fashion. The blog provides advice, showcases designers, highlights upcoming trends, and shares news tailored to making plus-size women feel confident. The Curvy Fashionista offers content on plus-size staple pieces, must-have accessories for different seasons, and gift guides for various occasions.
  8. Atlantic-Pacific: Blair Eadie started Atlantic-Pacific in 2010 as a platform to showcase her “east-coast-meets-west-coast” style aesthetic. Her blog features feminine, classic, and colorful fashion content. Blair has collaborated with renowned brands like Ralph Lauren, Covergirl, and Amazon. She shares her insights on the best fashion for different seasons, vacation outfit ideas, top 10 items for the year, and more.
  9. The Fashion Guitar: Charlotte Groeneveld launched The Fashion Guitar after working with various fashion blogs. She aimed to create an authentic space that showcased her true self. The blog initially focused on fashion but expanded to include motherhood and wedding planning content. The Fashion Guitar provides insights into fashion, wedding planning, and motherhood.
  10. Fashion Bomb Daily: Claire Sulmers founded Fashion Bomb Daily in 2006 to fill the gap in online sources for multicultural fashion. The blog features fashion news, spotlights, trends, wardrobe advice, celebrity looks for less, and tips for personal and professional success. Claire has received accolades such as Black Blogger of the Month by Black Enterprise and Blogger of the Moment by Teen Vogue.
  11. Hello Fashion: Christine Andrew started Hello Fashion in 2011 as an online diary sharing current sales and fashion finds. The blog has since expanded to cover travel, family, beauty, home decor, and more. Hello, Fashion provides insights on making athleisure look luxe, the best boots, current trends, and comfortable sneakers.
  12. Budget Fashionista: Empowering women to look fabulous for less since 2003, Budget Fashionista is led by personal finance expert and fashionista Catherine Brock. The blog offers budget outfit ideas, seasonal trends, and shopping recommendations. Catherine addresses common reader questions, including how to style leggings while looking stylish.
  13. The Golden Girl: Jess Keys created The Golden Girl as a space for “imperfect women” who may feel inadequate when comparing themselves to other fashion blogs. The blog aims to inspire readers with beauty and fashion tips, life advice, travel stories, healthy living content, and more. The Golden Girl seeks to build a supportive community where readers feel inspired and empowered.
  14. Sincerely Joëlle: Sincerely Joëlle offers a mix of fashion, travel, and beauty tips. Joëlle Regh, a photographer and content creator, uses her blog to inspire mindfulness and self-empowerment. Her lifestyle-driven content includes fashion, beauty, and travel narratives. Joëlle also shares her personal experiences with melanoma and domestic violence to raise awareness and support others facing similar challenges.
  15. Crystalin Marie: Crystalin Da Silva launched her blog in 2009 as a way to document her experiences in a new city. Crystalin Marie has evolved into a business that aims to inspire readers. The blog features daily outfits, sale alerts, fashion for petite women, personal stories, and how-to articles. Crystalin encourages women to create a timeless wardrobe and make smart fashion choices.
  16. College Fashion: Founded in 2007 by Zephyr Basine, College Fashion is a blog created by college students for college students. Contributors from universities worldwide share fashion and beauty tips, trends, and sales alerts. College Fashion offers style guides, outfit inspiration from TV shows, and recommendations for affordable shoes that every college woman needs.

These 16 women’s fashion blogs cover a wide range of topics, catering to diverse audiences. Whether you’re a traveler, a petite woman, a curvy fashionista, a college student, or simply someone seeking style inspiration, these blogs provide valuable insights and advice. Explore their content and immerse yourself in the world of women’s fashion.

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