Our Story

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Who we are

Africana is a fashion movement, that crafts masterful designs that reference an African root, while highlighting a modern look. The goal is to elevate the style and confidence of everyone who understands the power of fashion. What started over 10 years ago as a niche brand for kaftans and Agbada, has transcended all fashion touchpoints to include: Africa’s first Ready-to-wear Kaftan Store.

Est. 2001        6 Designers       Worldwide Delivery

Appropriately develop high-quality interfaces vis-a-vis granular e-markets. Globally integrate accurate collaboration and idea-sharing after effective web services. Seamlessly streamline bleeding-edge paradigms for technically.

A story filled Urban clothing brand and a host of products from leather goods, female wears, sneakers and bags. And post-pandemic, we have seen growth in expansion into other west-African countries, including but not limited to Mali, Senegal, Ivory Coast, etc.