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Special Insurance for Designer Clothes: How to Protect Your High-End Wardrobe Against Losses


When it comes to protecting your valuable designer clothes and accessories, standard homeowners insurance may not be sufficient. The risks of fire, floods, and theft can pose a significant threat to your high-end wardrobe. To ensure comprehensive coverage, specialized designer wardrobe insurance is essential. This article explores the need for clothing insurance, the features of AIG Private Client Group’s Couture Collection Insurance, and the benefits it offers to fashion enthusiasts.

Why Clothing Insurance?

Traditional homeowners insurance policies typically exclude coverage for high-value garments, including floods, earthquakes, mold, moths, and accidents. These exclusions can leave your designer clothes vulnerable to significant losses. Furthermore, even if your homeowners policy does cover your clothing, it may not provide adequate protection for the full value of your collection if the loss doesn’t exceed the deductible. To safeguard your investment, specialized clothing insurance is crucial.

Who Needs Clothing Insurance?

While items like art, jewelry, and antiques receive separate coverage, clothing, shoes, and handbags are often lumped into the general household contents category by insurance companies. This categorization may subject them to high deductibles and numerous limits and exclusions. For individuals passionate about designer clothing, which can cost several thousand dollars for a simple sundress or even more for haute couture ensembles, a substantial wardrobe’s value can easily surpass a million dollars. Therefore, those with extensive designer collections should consider obtaining specialized clothing insurance.

AIG Private Client Group’s Couture Collection Insurance

Recognizing the need for specialized coverage, AIG Private Client Group developed Couture Collection Insurance in collaboration with Garde Robe Online, an apparel storage and preservation service. The policy provides comprehensive insurance for couture and designer clothing, addressing the gaps often found in traditional homeowners policies. AIG’s solution closes these gaps and proactively mitigates risks associated with valuable clothing collections.

Coverage and Benefits

AIG’s couture collection insurance covers a range of items, including made-to-measure and ready-to-wear garments, vintage clothing, shoes, handbags, other accessories, and even celebrity clothing. It protects against damages caused by floods, earthquakes, mold, moths, vermin, and accidents, which are commonly excluded from standard homeowners insurance policies. Moreover, the policy covers custom, work-in-progress couture, and shoes, and it reimburses expenses incurred when removing the wardrobe from the insured premises due to impending threats.

Another advantage of AIG’s policy is its global coverage, which extends to garments in transit. Whether you’re checking a couture-filled Louis Vuitton suitcase with a commercial airline or transporting your clothing collection abroad, you can rest assured knowing it is protected. The policy also covers the repair or replacement of damaged garments, including compensation for the reduced value of vintage items after a covered loss.

Additionally, AIG offers in-house collection management specialists who provide year-round assistance in preserving the long-term value of collectible garments, shoes, and handbags. The policy includes vulnerability assessments, emergency planning services, and referrals to wardrobe-preservation specialists. If a covered loss occurs, the insurance also covers dry cleaning and restoration costs through high-end garment care specialists.

Costs and Considerations

The cost of insuring a designer wardrobe valued at $1 million with AIG’s couture insurance starts at approximately $3,000 per year. However, premiums can vary depending on the location of your clothing collection and the associated risks. If your wardrobe is in a flood zone, hurricane-prone area, or infrequently used vacation home, you may expect higher coverage costs. AIG’s policy offers incentives for using professional storage services, such as breathable garment bags and climate-controlled spaces. The coverage is part of AIG’s private collections policy, which offers benefits like agreed-value coverage, no deductibles, and loss-in-value payments.


Many high-net-worth individuals in the U.S. remain underinsured, with only 20% adequately covered, despite paying approximately $5 billion in annual insurance premiums. For those with extensive collections of couture clothing, it is crucial to consider specialized designer wardrobe insurance. Standard homeowners insurance often falls short when it comes to protecting high-value garments. Without proper coverage, a single incident such as a burst pipe or a moth infestation could result in substantial financial losses. By securing clothing insurance, you can ensure the safety and longevity of your valuable designer wardrobe.

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